Boredom Killed LoriLie

Because I’m Bored, and These Trips ARE Happening…

Nudist Trip (Aprox. 2 Years Away):

Gas Money - $150 to $200

Grounds Fees - $50

Cabin Rental - $38 to $54

Food - ???

Tattoo - $40+

Split Costs With Sophie (Tattoo in full for me) Total for me to save up - $163 + food. Roughly there a bouts. 

San Francisco Trip (Junior or Senior Summer):

Gas Money - $1315 to $1400

Hotel - $380

Food - ???

Tattoo - $40+

Split Costs with Frankie and Emily (Tattoo in full for me) Total for me to save up - Roughly $634 + food. 

Why Am I So Obsessed Lately?!

I just spent at LEAST an hour looking up tattoo places around here and reading reviews and about cost and looking at portfolios of the artists. Ugh! What the Hell, Lori? I don’t understand why I am so obsessed with getting these lately. For one I’ve been waiting for at least 5 years, and I’m pretty sure it is going to be the last tattoo I even get, so why can’t I keep waiting? Schmeh. This is not okay. Thouuuuuugh. Since I’ve been thinking about the piercings more that’ll probably happen first. Cheaper to get that done anyway. I’m beyond staying the way I am right now. 

Is this how college is going to be? God help us all if it is. 

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